Got a great idea?

Ok, so you've built up your startup from the ground up, all those sleepless hours, sweat and tears, stress like no one should feel.  And now it's ready to roll and you're set to watch the sales come in, and you know that the most cost effective way to do that is through your website, so that's the last challenge left; build a compelling website.


There are so many hurdles, getting all the elements of the site just right to engage your audience, or otherwise not only your website but the whole startup could sink, not soar, and all that work you did to get started might be for nothing.


So here are 5 essential things that you need to know to give the site the best possible launch and continued success.



1. Focus on the website's Function

This is the simplest thing of all. Get it clear from the beginning just what you want to achieve with the website; is the website there just to inform, is it to sell products, or to get your visitors to try your service?


A good web agency will ask all these questions to be absolutely clear on your goal.  If it is to sell a product then how much time will you be devoting to the site's upkeep, will you be able to cope with the amount of work the site could potentially bring in.  Which ecommerce solution is right for you; Wordpress, Opencart, Woocommerce, Magento etc.  If it is a service then do you need to be able to maintain it yourself, you'll require knowledge of the Content Management System (CMS), not to mention the time involved.


Whatever functionality you decide on, build the core around that, don't try to shoehorn another one in later.

Responsive is the way.

Responsive has been around for a while now and the take up has been on the increase as the technology has matured and the bugs ironed out.


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Creating great content.

Since the advent of ebooks some years ago, book stores are closing at a frightening pace. But why is that happening?


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White space in websites.

There are many aspects of good web design, typography, layout etc etc. but one of the simplest and most effective to implement is white space.


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Costs of websites.

You may have seen those TV adverts where they make it look so easy to build your own website for under a £10 a month.


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Web trends 2016.

Each year the world wide web matures and each year there are new trends as people find new ways to use the internet.


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2. Don't forget about Mobile

The mobile phone market already makes up more than 40% of total internet users, and soon they’ll outstrip even desktop users, in fact depending on your target market, they might already have done so.  Incorporating responsive design, which allows your site to adapt and instantly fit onto a standard mobile device’s frame, or a mobile specific site is crucial for capturing a mobile audience for your startup company.



3. Don't be that amateur who 'knows best'

I have a simple question for you, can your customers do your job and if they can then why do they need you?


They need you because you are the professional.  You know you job far better than they ever could.  So then why would you think you can toss up a basic web design template, add a few graphics and a little content in your spare time and expect your startup to be a success, if you do then you’re setting yourself up for failure.


Every aspect of your website is crucial, right down to the smallest detail: your content should be engaging and relevant; your images should be attractive and tie into your brand; your call to actions should be clear and straight-forward.


Don’t DIY your site and hope all the elements magically come together. Hire professionals who can understand your vision and execute every element properly. Research and test every detail to make sure it is on point with your business model and goals, and your website will be as exciting and ambitious as your startup idea.


Building a powerful startup website takes work, planning and the marriage of all the right elements. Know what you want and research what you need, and your website will help launch your startup and make you a success!  It is said that the most successful business people are those who realise that they need to leave specific tasks to the professionals, leaving you free to do what you do best.



4. Branding

Brand awareness is key to business success. But if you’re limiting your company brand to a piece of text in the corner of your homepage, you’re missing out on a huge tool to grow your startup business.


Your brand should be communicated consistently throughout your online presence. Tying your brand into all your site elements, from your images to your content to your colour scheme helps your visitors identify you, associate your business idea with your products and content, and perhaps most importantly, remember your business long after they view your pages.  Any professional web design agency will ask for clear instructions on what your brand is and incorporate the brand throughout your online presence including social media.



5. Promotion

Now we're getting somewhere; you have your beautiful website, with fantastic branding and amazing user experience, so the sales will start rolling in and this time next year you'll be a billionaire.


Except, how are these customers supposed to know that you have this amazing website and offer a brilliant service or sell the best products around.  Though much maligned and now in decline, high street shops have the benefit of being where the customers are.  Your website on the other hand, is sitting on a server in the cloud amongst millions of others and just waiting to be discovered.


In order for that first paragraph to happen (perhaps not the billionaire part) you need to promote your site to the potential billions of customers on the net.  There are three main ways to do that;


1. Traditional printed matter to get people to go to your site

2. Be where the customers are already

3. Be in their sight when they search for you.


With option 1 the problem is that you may get 5000 leaflets printed and get perhaps 2% of those going on to your site, that's just 100 people and it's cost you over £200.


There are 2 billion social media accounts in the world, just imagine getting 2% of those (it's 40 million by the way)  That's where option 2 comes in; have a good social media presence and engage the community you create and this is more than possible.


Option 3 is the most interesting.  If someone wants a service or wants to buy something they will look online, they will search on google and go for any of the companies on the first page.  The best thing about this is that they are already looking for something you offer, you just have to be there in the search results.


Hire an SEO and Social Media Marketing specialist and your goal of achieving that billionaire status could be a reality, just look at this following link to see what we mean here Billionaires. Square Inc. was co-founded in 2008 by Jack Dorsey, founder of twitter and various other tech companies, Jack is of course a billionaire - nothings impossible.